Rollator Walkers

Carex® Rolling Walker

  • Lockable hand brakes and versatile seat and backrest provide comfort and safety during use
  • Oversized 8 in. wheels allow for increased maneuverability
  • Removable basket can hold personal items
  • Weighs 17.5 lbs.
  • 250 lb. weight capacity

Transport Chairs

TrustWorth™ Transport Chair

  • Comes with swing-away removable footrests
  • Lightweight and compact, fold-down back
  • 8 in. wheels with brakes
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
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Front Wheeled Walkers

Medline Folding Walker

  • Two-button folding allows independent operation of each side so walker fits through narrow spaces while maintaining rigidity
  • Easy-to-use folding mechanism is ergonomically designed for operation with palm, finger or arm
  • Lightweight 1 in. aluminum tubing with dual steel cross bars supports up to 300 lbs. and weighs only 6 lbs.
  • Numbered footpiece adjustment holes provide ease-of-adjustment
  • Footpiece silencer provides quiet adjustment and rattle-free use
  • Fold to 4 in. for ease-of-transport and storage

Crutches/Forearm Crutches

Medline Guardian® Quick-Fit® Crutches

  • Axillary crutches provide support for lower extremity injuries
  • Durable latex-free rubber components offer greater comfort and long life
  • Push-button adjusted footpieces with fitting scale allow for accurate and fast fitting
  • Adjustable height in 1 in. increments
  • 300 lb. weight capacity

Knee Scooters

Knee Scooters are available for Rental Only

  • Knee Scooters provide a comfortable pain free alternative to crutches
  • Ideal for individuals who are recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations and ulcers of the foot
  • Models available: Drive, Roscoe, Free Spirit
  • Weekly billing is available along with insurance billing. Please contact us for pricing.

Single Point Canes/ Quad Canes/Folding Canes

We carry multiple styles and types of canes including:

  • Offset adjustable aluminum
  • Round adjustable aluminum
  • Folding
  • Wood
  • Quad
  • With a seat

Walking Sticks

Brazos Walking Sticks

  • Hand made in Texas
  • Made from natural wood
  • Each is unique
  • Comes in a variety of styles and sizes

Lift Cushion